NO. 98

Starting its life as a humble Suzuki SJ413, this wallycustoms build buggy is far from any Suzuki you'll find around today. This project started with a simple goal, simple, stylish and reliable.

After getting in the cab and chassis, the project started at the rear end, making barwork to suit a Supercharged Redwinch hornet, rear mounted radiator, fuel tank, dual batteries and a winch anchor.

In the front this buggy hold the bulletproof Toyota 3LT engine with a CT12B turbo mounted to the side. The 14" Profender coilovers are mounted as high as possible to keep the buggy low, along with keeping it short to keep a good approach angle. also hidden behind the front bars is a hydro steering setup and reservoir.

Underneath this buggy are a set of Nissan patrol diffs, linked up to the chassis with custom suspension arms. With a good set of coilovers front and rear, matched with a set of hydro bump stops in the front and 80 series in the rear along with limiting straps all round ensures the suspension doesn't do anything it shouldn't.

After a coat of paint, this buggy was put together ready for its first local competition. The 3LT paired with the 5 speed manual box, putting the power to the patrol diffs and letting the 35" Silverstone's walk over anything put in its way.

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