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The Patrol Reborn....

TD42 Y60 SWB Build

This build was one hectic rush before the end of the year....drove the truck from up north to my workshop and didn't break any records apart from the temperature 30 seconds to 100 she was not even close to quick..

We got into it and pulled of everything that wasn't needed along with plenty of spaghetti junction wiring..

The EGR and intake was so blocked it wasn't funny, even the intake ports were full of gunk. Along with that the radiator fins were 80% blocked by dust, leaves and twigs etc.

After a clean up we started with the engine mounts upgrade and followed by injectors and fuel pump changeover. Both manifold and plenum were bolted up along with the big holset so we could start with the rest of the puzzle.

Intercooler piping and exhaust dump were next on the list and quite time consuming, with not much room to move it all. Being 24v we opted to squeezing two smaller batteries on the drivers side to make room for the turbo and airbox on the left..this all worked pretty well along with retaining the AC.

I have missed quite a lot of the detail but in the end after quite a few crazy hours we managed to put a smile on the customers face..

She's now 10 seconds to 100 so pretty good effort for a heavy wee vehicle and sounds unreal. Still to be confirmed but apparently its around 700nm and 230hp at the moment, boosting 27psi, EGTS are at 500 degrees maximum so has plenty or air and cooling. This Patrol arrived with a pre fit 1300NM viper clutch so no issues there.. she brakes traction in 3rd no problem on the 33" tyres The response we got out of the HX35 with 6cm rear housing is mental, its instant power!!

Glad to have it ready for its trip South over the break!

See below for a full list of modifications:

-Trundles exhaust manifold -Trundles Holset HX35 with SG Mechanical 6cm Rear housing -Turbosmart 45mm Ext wastegate -Ireland Diesel 160cc 12mm boost compensated Fuel pump -Genuine Nissan exhaust studs -Ireland Diesel turbo injectors -Trundles oil feed and return -Custom intake plenum with Trundles kit -Carter inline fuel pump -Trundles unbreakable engine mounts -Wally Customs stainless steel 3" freeflow exhaust -Wally Customs 4" Airbox and piping -Wally Customs 2.5" Stainless intercooler piping - big front mount intercooler -Quickazz radiator Fan -Twin battery setup on drivers side -Redarc Boost and EGT Gauge -Relocated fuel primer pump -Relocated overflow coolant tank -Drivetech 4x4 diff breather kit. -full oil and filters change.

Looking forward to the next chapter for this beast! Will keep you posted!

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