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A New Lease on Life!

Many may know the 80 series Land Cruiser and an indestructible go anywhere, do anything workhorse... this example is no different.

After a write off of a low km, factory manual 80, we were given the task of restoring a donor 80 series giving it a complete once over and putting it through the reregistration process.

The restoration starts with completely pulling our donor vehicle apart, removing the body and stripping the interior, swapping out the rear diff from the wreck into our donor, removing the 1hz engine and sending the chassis out to get sandblasted and coated in a durable 2k epoxy coating. While the chassis is away the body got a once over, removing the interior, cleaning it top to bottom. A fresh coat of paint inside and out along with some minor rust repairs left the body a work or art.

Putting this vehicle back together with the factory manual 1HDT, looking over every bolt and nut, making sure this vehicle was immaculate. Taking it through the reregistration and certification process was the home stretch for this 80 series, coming back with its certification tag and warrant of fitness let us know that the hours spent on this vehicle are all worth it.

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