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The Gladiator, ready to rip!

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Having the opportunity to work on a vehicle like this jeep is interesting to say the least. With the Customer wanting an Overlanding setup on this jeep, made for some pretty cool custom bits.

Starting off this build list we put in a front and rear winch, to fit the rear winch we made a custom rear winch bar, made with a sleek design to improve the rear departure angle. With the bigger 37" Maxxis RAZR M/T's, we installed a new set of guards, giving it enough clearance to let those 37's move about. Along with these guards we custom made inner guard protection, to keep the engine bay clean. Underneath this beast we fabricated bash guards for more protection. Also installed full diff, gearbox and trans breathers to keep it safe when crossing rivers etc.

In the rear tub we made this custom alloy rooftop tent rack. This rack was made to fit a set of 6 maxtrax and fuel cans, along with a uhf aerial. Tying it together with the spare tyre holder in the rear tray, it's ready for New Zealand and anything it can throw at it.

After the initial build on this Jeep, in came in a second time with a Canopy setup on the back. Before Another trip down south, we remounted the maxtrax and fuel can on either side with some sleek custom mounts, we also remounted the spare wheel inside the canopy, and fitted the rooftop tent. Awesome to help the owner make his dream rig a reality, and hope to help out more in the future.

Enjoy these snaps of NZ from one stoked jeep owner!

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